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Visitor Info

Visiting Hours

May 18th (WED) – May 20th (FRI), 2022 (10:00 ~ 17:00)


Admission Fee
General Visitors KRW 10,000
Group Visitors KRW 10,000
Buyer KRW 10,000
Free Entry Online pre-registrant, Invitation Holder

※ For verification you must submit your business card


Invitation Holder

  1. 01 Fill Out
    Registration Form
  2. 02 Submit Application
    or Invitation
  3. 03 Receive Pass
  4. 04 Enjoy our Exhibition

Online or On-Site Sales Ticket

  1. 01 Purchase Ticket
  2. 02 Fill Out
    Registration Form
  3. 03 Submit Application
    or Invitation
  4. 04 Receive Pass /
    Enjoy our Exhibition
If any of the following conditions are found, visitors may be removed from the site
  • Excessive tasting and viewing attitudes that offend others or hinder the operation of the exhibition
  • Entering with another person's ticket or begging for a ticket, and promoting activities that are not authorized by the organizer
  • Any actions perceived as an interference to the exhibition by the organizer