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Transportation & Accommodation

[Seoul Int'l Home Meal Replacement Show] Secretariat
COEX#416, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnamgu, Seoul, 06164 Rep of Korea
Tel. +82. 02-6000-2801 Fax. +82. 02-6944-2805 E-mail.

Line No.2 Samseong Station

Samseong Station
Use the passage directly connected from exit 5 or 6 to Coex mall through the Millennium Plaza.

Line No.9 Bongeunsa Station

Bongeunsa Station
Take exit #7 and use the direct passage connected to Asem Plaza to enter Coex Mall.

Line No.7 Cheongdam Station

Cheongdam Station
Take exit 2 and walk straight for 20 minutes on foot. Access Coex Mall through the ASEM Square.